Meet your Customers Where They Are

In this day of fast paced technology, there is always some new fad… some new social network… some new website.  It’s important to have a pulse on where your customers actually are.

Many businesses spend great time, effort and resources in building their website, so of course you assume that your customers will love it and hang out there.   While they may love it, the reality is your client’s most like won’t hang out on your website.   They will do what they need to do, get the information they need, and leave and return to their normal lives.

Where do your clients like to hang out?  Most likely social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and whatever new thing has come out since this blog was written.

There’s a huge myth that these places don’t convert.  Google analytics tells you everything about your customers and where they came from and how long they were on your site and what they clicked etc… but it can’t tell you how they heard about you… or why they decided to buy.   Most likely these decisions are being made wherever your customers hang out… perhaps on social media.

There’s another myth that you can’t troubleshoot or support your customers on social media.  How can you give a proper response on twitter with only 140 characters?  You may not be able to actually troubleshoot, but be human… support them, and direct them to the proper place to receive support.

Finally there’s a myth that only disgruntled customers leave reviews.  That’s not necessarily true.  People who are happy, are often happy to cheer.  Do you ask them for a review?  Make sure you make the ask… “hey, let us know what you think on facebook” or wherever.   I had a customer once who was very upset over some negative reviews on facebook and wanted me to delete them.  Well… you can’t.  Reviews of places can’t be removed.  But does a bad review on social media hurt your business?  Not necessarily… people’s opinion will be formed by how you responded to the issue or complaint.   Follow the golden rule, and treat others as you would like to be treated, and it will do wonders for your social media credibility.

>> Joshua Pettit is Lead Developer and Project Manager at Sunrise Marketing.




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