Monthly Archives: February 2016

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Researchers are discovering that the ability to reason, learn and recall information ebbs and flows over our lifespan.   In the world of web development, technology changes daily.  It’s important to always be learning.  Often in this industry you don’t know what you should learn, nor what information will become useful.

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Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme

One of the biggest benefits to using WordPress for your site, is the number of Themes that are available.   Themes are what give your site “the look”.  Themes control the layout, the graphics, the colors, the fonts, the menu, the sidebar… basically every visual aspect of your site.  There are literally thousands of options out there.   Many themes often have additional customization or color options within.

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WordPress Security Basics

Wordpress Security Image1There are volumes that can be written about WordPress security.  In this brief blog post, I’ll attempt to cover a few of the basics.

WordPress itself, is a very secure software package – however nothing is 100% foolproof.  And the more popular it is, the more hackers try to figure out how to hack it – because uncovering a vulnerability in WordPress would allow them to hack a large number of sites.

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