Stop, Ask and Listen: The Recipe in Curiosity

CuriousityRecipeHave you ever wondered how something was created, such as in cooking? How did they think to create the process for whipping meringue. Or who was brave enough to try the first hazelnut? I find it amazing how recipes link opposing flavors into a delightful final presentation. But what makes people think of that?

I often have to remind myself that I am viewing the end result. I am seeing the final product after many tests, failed tastings and back to square one procedures. While it was probably curiosity that led a person to ask “what would happen if?” it is just a small part of the creativity recipe.

According to leadership guru John Maxwell, “people who seek ideas and input from others strengthen their decision-making, work smarter, see their surroundings with sharper clarity.” By asking questions about the world around you or even a problem you have encountered will further you efforts to solve the issue at hand.

One of the key ingredients for this recipe of success lies in the ability to listen to the answer we acquire. Often times, it is easy to exercise selective hearing. We tune into what we want to hear, seek. Often times, it is the contrasting view that opens up the horizons and expands our knowledge.

Whether you are honing your skills in the kitchen or the boardroom, the lesson here is to ask the questions. Itís the only way you will hear the answers that will help develop your final presentation.

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