What is a WordCamp

A few years ago, as I began to expand my use of WordPress with my clients, I was longing for a way to connect to other WordPress users and developers.   I began to search for seminars or training opportunities for WordPress, and I discovered a thing called WordCamp.

WordCamp is an official conference for people who use WordPress.  They are non-profit events run by local WordPress user groups, and they appeal not only to experienced WordPress developers but even the most novice user just getting started.

They are held frequently, and all over the world, and are typically one or two day events held over a weekend, very reasonably priced.   Many cost around $40 and include lunch and a T-Shirt.

As the event date nears, the schedule or speakers is finalized and there are often different “tracts” to choose from.   I have been to some with as many as 4 tracts (Beginner, Designer, Content Creator and Developer), but most have 2 (Beginner and Advanced).

The beginner tract will often start with the basics.  Things like installing WordPress, basic security, how to install a plugin.  Things like that.

The advanced (or developer) tract will often include topics like creating WordPress plugins, advanced API’s and even working on the WordPress core code itself.

The designer tracts will focus on themes and CSS. Being able to create and/or modify a theme to change the styles, colors and fonts of your site.

Lastly the content creator tract will focus on the blog writer.  Often this will talk about writing styles, basic search engine optimization and tips to grow your audience.

To find a WordCamp near you visit: https://central.wordcamp.org

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