What Made You Successful?

WhatMadeYouSuccessfulWe are a nation of goal-setting, go-getters. We focus our positive energies and thoughts on what lies ahead with great determination. Each of us has an idea of what we want to achieve and have visualized the path to get there.

While it is important to know where you and your company is headed, there is a benefit for a bit of business-reflection. Think of it as a progress report or even an employee review. I say benefit. The truth of it is, you need to know what made you successful.

According to a recent article by Sanborn and Associates, a blog about leadership development, “It is hard to replicate success if you don’t know what created it. While we can learn as much (or more) from our mistakes, reflecting on the things that work in your professional life can pay great dividends.”

Take the time to figure out what effective practices helped you reach your level of success and whether or not they are still in use today.If not, maybe it is time to revisit them and integrate them into your current daily schedule. Focus on your power skills or your unique traits that helped you succeed and use them to further your current goals.

Every one has a success formula that is unique to them and their product. This is your script. Sure, the plot or end result may change. But knowing what works for you will help you script the direction you are headed.

What has made you successful?

Happy Scripting!
— Weegee Sachtjen


Sanborn and Associates: 3 Reasons You Need to Know What Made You Successful

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