Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Researchers are discovering that the ability to reason, learn and recall information ebbs and flows over our lifespan.   In the world of web development, technology changes daily.  It’s important to always be learning.  Often in this industry you don’t know what you should learn, nor what information will become useful.

There is no “proper” way to learn.  Everyone learns differently, so do what’s best for you.   Possible ways to keep learning are:

  • Books – there have been countless books written about WordPress. You can find a list of some of the best here:
  • Blogs – there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs about WordPress. Here are 16 of the best WordPress blogs:
  • Conferences/Seminars (Don’t set expectations, but typically you will always learn something of value at a conference or seminar). There are WordPress conferences around the world called WordCamps which are inexpensive and will provide you with amazing information whether you’re a novice or an expert.   Find a WordCamp near you here:
  • Meetup Groups – many cities have WordPress Meetup groups at Meetup
  • Training Sites – offer online video step by step training. An example is or

>> Joshua Pettit is Lead Developer and Project Manager at Sunrise Marketing.



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