Do You Have a Personal Motto? Perhaps You Should

PersonalMottoThe advertising world is filled with all sorts of mottos and gimmicks aimed at keeping their product in the forefront of your mind.

Taking this lesson, it is easy to see why creating your own personal branding or motto can help visualize your goals. The simple phrase (which becomes a mantra) is a beacon that lights our sometimes murky path and remind us of the direction we are headed.

Take time to see yourself and your business as a valuable, promotable hot commodity. Create a new motto or branding for you or your company that reflects this new direction.

This motto is for your personal use. To get you excited and keep your goal in the forefront of your mind. This isn’t about rebranding your products or service.

For example, maybe you need a reminder to look beyond the surface, then consider: “Forget perfection and strive instead for excellence.”

Turn your motto into a morning manifesto you say to yourself while youíre brushing your teeth or driving to your next date. Use it to empower you and your business.


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Slightly impulsive, overly idealistic and way to reliant on the seat of her pants is how Weegee Sachtjen has lived her life up to this moment. She has a degree in filmmaking from the North Carolina School of the Arts, which was utilized during her ten years behind the camera at local news stations in Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon. She credits her love of learning, ability to wedge herself into tight places and an utter fascination with emerging communication techniques for igniting a roller coaster career from production assistant to promotion producer to websites to blogging to B&B owner. The exploring side of her nature has taken her all over the states, including: Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, New York, and Oregon. She currently resides in Gibsons, BC, Canada with a supportive husband and her spoiled rotten cat, Random.

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